Cassie Jaffe is a certified EnergyTouch Practitioner, Crystal Healer and student at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education.

Cassie is currently attending a post graduate year at The EnergyTouch School of Advanced Healing learning to work with pregnancy – congenital defects in utero, Autism  and with the parents of the one diagnosed, Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Mental Illness and depression, Alzheimer’s, Ageing, Death, Dying, and Grief. Cassie is also currently attending The Naturopathic Institute of Therapeutic Education where she is working towards becoming an Naturopathic Doctor.

Cassie works with clients at the EnergyTouch School of Advanced Healing, out of her home office and with long distance clients all over the world.

My journey to understand true healing began when I experienced my first EnergyTouch Healing Session in 2010. Before this Healing Session, I never knew how I could connect to the missing pieces of life that I longed for. My experience during that session drove me to learning more about healing the whole-being.”
- Cassie Jaffe